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A Safer Holiday

Welcome Back!

We can't wait to see you again.  It's been way too long!

As travel restrictions slowly lift we're pleased to announce that we'll be easing our way back onto the road and of course, to your favourite destinations.

With this in mind, we’ve gone over and above our usual high standards to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our customers.  If you are due to travel with us during the coming months please take a look below at what to expect.

This information is subject to change in accordance with the latest government guidelines. We will be contacting everyone prior to departure with the latest information;  should you have any concerns in the meantime please feel free to contact us.

Hand Sanitiser & Hygiene

We have placed hand sanitiser stations at both doors, please use them on the way in and out of the coach. We are also recommending that you bring your own hand sanitiser when travelling for use at other times during your break.

For obvious hygiene reasons, the consumption of food and alcohol will not be permitted on board, however we will be making regular comfort stops should you wish to bring to your own food.

Face Coverings

Face coverings must be worn when you are onboard the coach (unless you are unable to do so for medical reasons). Children under the age of 12 years will not be expected to wear a face covering. Disposable 3-layer face masks will be available on the coach should you require one. 

Boarding the coach

The coach will be filled from the back and emptied from the front. Boarding and disembarking may take slightly longer than usual, please be patient and listen to the driver’s instructions.

Seating & social distancing on board

We have reduced our seating capacity on board our coaches.  Families / groups will be seated together, with spacing between groups to allow social distancing. Please ensure that you stay in your allocated seats, you will not be permitted to occupy empty seats. Please note: if you are booked to travel with people who are not part of your household / bubble and you require to be socially distanced from them on the coach you MUST inform us prior to travel so that we can ensure you are seated separately, as we will not be able to accommodate changes to seating at the time or travel.

Please respect your fellow travellers and ensure that you maintain a social distance at all times where possible.

Enhanced Cleaning

Our drivers are already obsessed with keeping their coaches clean, but we will be taking it even further by disinfecting all hard surfaces before, during and after each journey along with regular "fogging" (aerosol disinfection) when the coaches are in between tours.

This includes the toilet area which we recommend is only used when absolutely necessary.

Driver safety

All of our drivers have been provided with necessary PPE. Please ensure that you listen to the driver’s safety announcements.

If you feel unwell

For the safety of all travellers, you MUST NOT travel if you feel unwell, have a high temperature or experience any other Covid-19 symptoms  prior to the departure of your break.

If you start feeling unwell during your break please contact our office immediately and we will provide advice to ensure the safety of yourself and others.  

Hotels & attractions

Please be aware that individual safety measures will be in place at hotels and other venues such as theme parks and tourist attractions. If you require more specific information please check their websites or contact us directly.

Above all else, please be patient, your safety is our main priority


If you have any concerns, please get in touch.

So..  it's a bit more fuss with Jones the bus..  but all to keep you safe!

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